Bed Knob Buddy Round Medium Butt Plug

Explore the World of Anal Play with Our Bed Knob Buddy Round Medium Butt Plug
? Made of body-safe material that is extremely hygienic
? Strong suction cup base that sticks on most smooth flat surfaces
? Gives maximum filling and added girth
This plug suits both intermediate and experts of anal play to achieve maximum filling and extra stretch. The suction cup base of this plug sticks on almost every smooth surface giving you a wide range of positions from which you use it. You can Fashion Stockings and Tights also use it for solo play or with a partner but either way, you decide to use it, you are assured to get maximum pleasure.
This toy provides lots of pleasurable stretches, a uniquely ‘full-up’ feel and tons of anal stimulation. Cushioned for a softer, more squeezable texture, the super-smooth surface covers a nice firm core that pleases reliably and fully. Unlike many anal toys which ease you in gradually, the Ultra-Rounded butt plug barely tapers, and boasts a perfectly spherical tip to provide intense arousal from the word go.
The Bed Knob Buddy Round Medium Butt Plug is cleverly constructed for a toe-curling stretch upon insertion, the smoothly rounded tip is almost as thick as the shaft and relatively blunt, and offering a point of entry that quickly expands to the largest point. Very hefty width-wise all the way down the straight shaft, the shape keeps up a constant pressure and ensures a very full feel. Adding to the experience, the base is good and wide, acting as a barrier against too-deep penetration, the flat base for heavy action, perfect for rigorous solo play or with a partner.
With this toy always use plenty of water base lubricant and clean thoroughly in warm soapy water after every use.