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IPTV is currently CDN fringe of the Internet access will be always to improve the IP holder network QoS effective way, many operators Broadband Site are deployed CDN MDN, for the IPTV network, has laid a high-quality foundation for building. CDN networks can enable the net resources have been the utmost utilization. Will greatly spotlight the domestic IPTV business venture.

, CDN technology demographic Present, more and a lot users access the Internet; Web site continues for increase; for increasing in order to rich resources, especially text, images, music, Advertisement : Streaming media, animation, several. in large numbers; online business size increased exponentially, creating a great demand for network bandwidth, and network access gaps and waiting is commonly prevalent, these conditions contributed to network congestion, server overload, online application wait a long and many other issues, so that the full Internet content delivery functioning. How to relieve congestion, improve pace of the user use of information.

Become plagued the majority enterprises and companies a difficult difficult task. To rely directly on increasing the bandwith to solve a problem is any kind of a side, in addition, transmission by avenue of routing over-crowding and delay, the exact website server full capacity and other factors, these and holidaymakers and visitors and the miles between the planet server is intimately related. Therefore, finally if every Internet will increase mobile phone network bandwidth, and should it be the visitors with the distance about sites, among the parties Communicate Like in the market to go through materials of routing as well forwarding address, the very network delay can inevitable. The fans on the multilevel system performance needs are high this type of as the impulse time of these visit, the online shop content and alternatives provided by your reliability requirements, a person’s CDN ContentDeliveryNetwork solutions emerged.

years, a club from the Ma Institute of Methods presented the information of CDN and then CDN technology with begin to study, they set more in CDN your own professional services company, provides professional program to Yahoo. But at billigsta iptv and thus abroad have a meaningful lot of corporation and service businesses to start making Content Delivery Internet CDN technology to finally improve network care quality to interact with the needs along with users. , CDN definition CDN packed name in Everyday terms is ContentDelieveryNetwork, specific content delivery email network.